Ready to design your own rocket?

Design and launch your own custom model rocket! Use our custom rocket designer to design your own rocket in under 2 minutes. Why settle for a pre-built rocket when you can design your own. Our 3D design and print lab allows you to design a rocket and we will ship it directly to you! 

Celebrate 4th of July with Merica'


Celebrate the red, white, and blue with a model rocket launch. Order our model rocket launch kit and get it delivered right to your door in 3-5 business days. Experience the power of 3d printing and watch your rocket take flight!


Ready to ignite your Experience? 

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From design to door

Scroll to experience how your rocket goes from idea to your doorstep.

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In the first of many steps before you even see designs on Launchpad Rockets each one of our rocket designs goes from whiteboard to 3d design to start simulating your model rocket in flight.

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Before launching, each design goes through an extensive R&D process that involves printing multiple versions of the same designs to test quality, printer performance, and visual aesthetics.

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Each design is put through an extensive testing process that involves launching each design many times while also testing performance in extreme cases like high wind, parachute failure, and durability testing. Before arriving at your door, each design must pass each of our criteria to be listed.


Are you ready to take-off?

Model Rocket Catalog

Select from our wide range of ready-to-go model rocket kits shipped right to your door! Our kits range from small but powerful rockets to larger 2-stage rockets, guaranteed to excite everyone. 3d printed at our production lab we can guarantee that your rocket will be shipped to you in 1-4 days!

Custom Rocket Designer

Go from design to launch in less than 2 minutes. That's all it takes to walk away with your own custom model rocket! Experience the ability to launch what you created. With our on-demand 3d production facility it is guaranteed to ship within 2-5 days!

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